At the Raye Martin Group, we get excited about people, their projects and the organizations supporting them to unleash their fullest potential. As Workplace Evolutionists, we work to help shape work and workplace experiences in positive, inclusive communities where change doesn’t sacrifice an individual’s need to do meaningful work and engage fully.

Services & Initiatives


Hire Me

Dr. Marcia F. Robinson is a senior certified HR Pro who works with people and organizations on the future of work, the impact of automation on jobs and careers and workplace inclusion initiatives.


Automated Workplaces

Automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing work, workers and workplaces. Ask about our P.O.S.T. Framework for Change to transform organizations through people and technology.


Talent Pipeline Support

We advise organizations on effective options to place their brand and work opportunities in front of diverse groups of emerging and experienced pros who seek inclusive work environments.


The HBCU Career Center

Largest online resource solely dedicated to the career success of the communities touched by America’s 106 colleges and universities designated as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).



“Marcia’s creative thinking, expertise and positive attitude as a career development consultant made her an absolute pleasure to work with. I know her as a person who is willing to go above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support. In every professional interaction that I have had with her, she has consistently showed genuine integrity. Above all, I was impressed with Marcia’s ability to pro-actively offer solutions and ideas. Marcia would be a valuable counselor to anyone seeking professional growth.” - via LinkedIn


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