5 Ways Recruiters are Using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Studies from Oxford University, McKinsey and Pricewaterhouse Coopers forecast that up to 50% of current jobs could be replaced by smart machines within the next 20 years.  The article also states that about 5 million jobs have been lost to automation since 2000. 

Although no one is predicting right now that recruiters and hiring managers are going to be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence tools, you should know that one of the areas where companies are rapidly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI), is in the hiring process. In my research, I refer to this as Algorithm-Based-Hiring (ABH).

It shouldn’t surprise you that we are all becoming more comfortable with AI in our lives. It is how Netflix is sharing information on movies you might like and how Amazon is suggesting new products to you. Like the rest of us, you are probably already walking around with your smart phone or tablet cluttered with the latest apps to help you manage your life.  You are probably using apps to discover your favorite spots in a new town, interacting with your favorite games and sports teams or your Alexa might even have woken you up today with your favorite programmed music.  You may even have interacted with artificial intelligence to schedule yourself for a job interview before and just didn’t even know it.

In my recent research where I interviewed Human Resource professionals from major corporations, these are five of the ways that recruiters are currently using artificial intelligence in hiring.

Ai is being used for sourcing applicants 

Your social media profiles have never been more valuable to you as a job seeker. AI tools are using your online activities to create your potential profile as a job seeker and can use your preferences to pin point job opportunities in which you might be interested. Very much the same way, your favorite shopping site will serve up things you might like, based on your buying patterns, job boards are serving up jobs that potential job applicants might like.

Ai used for screening applications

You have heard that recruiters typically spend about six to twenty seconds looking at your resumes.  Well imagine smart machines being able to very quickly scan your application documents and screen you in or out of an applicant pool. And, unlike recruiters, these artificial intelligence tools can be screening 24 hours per day without fatigue and consistently look for the same criteria over and over. Some people see this stamina as one of the benefits of AI. Some also claim that AI can look at application materials and screen against stated criteria without bias.

Ai used to improve applicant user experience 

Do you have a question during the application process and wish you had someone to speak with? Well you can probably get answers from AI powered chat bots (robots) that could tell you where in the process you are, what might be missing from your application or what to expect in the next steps. For years, job applicants have stated that they wished they received more communication and interaction in the job search process. Well now bots can keep applicants more informed, answer questions and give overall status.

Ai used to market and brand organizations 

So, you are perusing your favorite sites on the internet and ads for jobs, internships or organizations in which you might be interested, just seem to appear.  Companies trying to get your attention could start marketing their jobs to you just like they market sneakers or restaurants to you. All based on prior behavior and shopping patterns. Many companies see this as a way to consistently market their organizations as great places to work. This way, when you begin to explore potential industries, you may already be familiar with certain organizational brands.

Ai used for predictive analytics

Companies capture tons of human resources data every year.  They have data on who they hire, who they didn’t hire, who does well in their company and who didn’t do so well.  Imagine organizations then feeding that data back through data analytics technology that will help them create stronger profiles of the ideal hire. The average cost of hiring a new employee is almost $5000.  Employers are thinking AI can help them lower those costs and find better quality hires in the process.

Just reading through this list of five ways companies are using artificial intelligence in hiring, I am sure your mind was probably racing about all the ways you could be included or excluded as a job seeker.  

You are probably asking the question – How am I supposed to get past the algorithms that make Ai work?  We will talk more about that later.

For now, my goal is that you become aware.