Individualized Career Consultations


One of our guiding principles is that it is not about the job titles we wear or what we want to BE when we grow up. We believe that it is more about what we want to DO with our lives. We believe that people who experience personal, career and professional growth, become the cornerstones of stronger groups, communities and institutions. When organizations, groups or communities benefit from the resulting enhanced engagement by individuals — everyone wins! We believe that when we are able to sustain our whole selves, we can better sustain our families and by extension, our communities. View our services below.

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Career Consultations
Our individualized career consultation practice is founded on three principles: First, honest self-evaluation is foundational to doing meaningful work; second is that career paths are almost like fingerprints and no two people have the exact same journey to working fulfilled. Third, our career journey to good work never ends. We’ll help you place your vision in context and help you clear a path.

Interview Like a P.R.O Coaching
I developed the Interview Like a P.R.O.™ technique over a decade ago and have coached job seekers to use this interview strategy in one-on-one or group sessions.  This simple, but specific and focused technique has worked for many, many people over the last decade.  Everyone can learn how to Interview Like a P.R.O.™ through this 90-minute consultation.

Resume Power Scan by a Senior Certified HR Pro

Have you ever wondered what the HR Manager or Recruiter sees when they look at your resume or look at you across the internet? What does your social media presence say or not say? What should it say based on your goals and plans for your next step? These are just a few of the 15 points we touch on when our HR Pros conduct a Power Scan and send you a full report. This is invaluable if you are looking to make a move!

Ask a HR Pro about Workplace Navigation!
Sometimes HR won’t always be there for YOU. Are you in a “situation”at work and need some on-the-job coaching with some confidential advice as to how you should proceed? What you might need to do? How to approach the situation at work? Manage a conflict? Find out how HR might be thinking? 60-minutes

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with a Certified Practitioner

Millions of people worldwide use the MBTI assessment yearly. According to the creators of the instrument, "Good type development can be achieved at any age by anyone who cares to understand his or her own gifts and the appropriate use of those gifts." Isabel Briggs Myers.” (Source


“She has vast career development experience and has provided me with outstanding advice, keen insights and unique guidance that has resulted in 10+ interviews and exciting career opportunities. Navigating through the caer development process is very difficult however Marcia's help has made the process much easier.” - via LinkedIn

“Marcia’s creative thinking, expertise and positive attitude as a career development consultant made her an absolute pleasure to work with. I know her as a person who is willing to go above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support. In every professional interaction that I have had with her, she has consistently showed genuine integrity. Above all, I was impressed with Marcia’s ability to pro-actively offer solutions and ideas. Marcia would be a valuable counselor to anyone seeking professional growth.” - via LinkedIn

Resume Guide: How to Look Good on Paper
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Resume Guide: How to Look Good on Paper
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