What we do


One of my guiding principles is that it is not about the job titles we cloak ourselves in or what we think we want to BE when we grow up. Instead, I believe that it is more about what we want to DO with our lives!

I have spent a lifetime DO’ing the work to help people have more success with work and more importantly with changes in work. Why? I believed that people who experience personal, career and professional growth, become the cornerstones of stronger groups, communities and institutions. When organizations, groups or communities evolve and change, they benefit from the resulting enhanced engagement by individuals and everyone wins! We believe that when we are able to sustain our whole selves, we can better sustain our families and by extension, our communities.

I speak and write on the future of work, workers and workplaces. Book an introductory, free 15-minute chat with me if you are curious about which of the following services could be of value to your organization.


Educator and Researcher on Workplace Initiatives Around Automation

This future of work, workers and automated workplaces is being designed and imagined right now! It is important to us that all voices are acknowledged and included in redesign initiatives. I believe that doing meaningful work is foundational to being human and so individually and collectively, it has never been more important to stay aware and stay inclusive. My research framework (P.O.S.T.) could help individuals and organizations maneuver effectively through the next workplace transformations. I LOVE working with career changers and those who are retooling due to technology and automation.

Trusted Business Advisor on Diversity Recruiting Initiatives
How many times have you read information on an organization’s website or in their marketing collateral about their inclusive environment, only to talk to an employee at the company and find out that the inclusive strategy doesn’t really exist? If you spend time in career center operations, working in HR and running two niche recruiting job boards for over a decade, like I have, you hear the real behind-the-scenes stories all the time. These workplace realities can be improved and there can be authentic and meaningful ways of connecting with and recruiting potential candidates that will reinforce your brand as truly inclusive.


“She has vast career development experience and has provided me with outstanding advice, keen insights and unique guidance that has resulted in 10+ interviews and exciting career opportunities. Navigating through the caer development process is very difficult however Marcia's help has made the process much easier.” - via LinkedIn

“Marcia’s creative thinking, expertise and positive attitude as a career development consultant made her an absolute pleasure to work with. I know her as a person who is willing to go above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support. In every professional interaction that I have had with her, she has consistently showed genuine integrity. Above all, I was impressed with Marcia’s ability to pro-actively offer solutions and ideas. Marcia would be a valuable counselor to anyone seeking professional growth.” - via LinkedIn