Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

At Raye Martin Group, we appreciate your visits and want you to have a positive experience being a part of our community. However, as grown-ups, we all know that every community needs some guiding principles that will let you know that we take your privacy seriously here. 

Here are our thoughts: 

Your Information

Raye Martin Group does not currently and will never sell your email addresses, or personal information that you share with us via any of our forms.  We only want your email address if you feel that our resources and website may be worth your time.  We play no games and use no gimmicks to collect your information to be misused.

Please know that we use third party resources like Constant Contact to store emails or and Hootsuite to distribute social media postings.  We are transparent with our partners and affiliates and encourage you to look at their policies if you have concerns about their respect for your data and information.


We do not allow comments on articles.  I have been blogging and writing for almost two decades and through social media there are so many ways to share your feedback as well as help the broader dialogue move forward, it just makes sense to keep comments on our website turned off.  However, we allow visitors plenty of opportunities to interact with us.

Contacting Raye Martin Group

If you ever want to contact us, the best way is via the online forms.   We are also available via Twitter DM’s or through messages on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Emails via our forms are most effecient. 

Asking Questions

We welcome questions and will answer as soon as humanly possible.  I love my work, but it is not my 24-hour commitment.  Therefore, I promise to respond as soon as possible.  We may also use your question content as the basis for future blog articles and stories across any websites or social media sites owned and operated by Raye Martin Group.   

Guest Bloggers

When I was starting my journey as a blogger, I was given the opportunity to do guest posts for many other blogs.  I am still open to collaborating with others that way as well.  We do ask, however, that you restrict your request to guest post on our blog to one or two times.  Clearly state the content you plan to use and please, please, please make sure it is relevant to what we do.  If it is not, we won’t use it.  We also may not necessarily get the chance to respond to you.  Know this – if it’s a good fit for us, we will get back to you within a week.

Sending us Your Information

You are more than welcome to send articles, information, stories or news you would like us to share via the Contact Us feature.  There is no guarantee we will use your materials. If we do, rest assured that your work will be appropriately credited to you with a clear citation.  We do ask that any materials pulled from our site for use, be appropriately cited and referenced.

Future Unplanned Changes

We live and work in changing times. Please note these guidelines (community rules) are subject to changing at any time. Any changes will be posted here as soon as it is possible. Thanks again for visiting the Raye Martin Group.

No Guarantees

We offer a lot of advice via our blog postings and on our affiliate websites at, @HBCUCareerCntr, @MarciaFRobinson, or The HBCU Career Center LinkedIn page. Use of this advice is not a guarantee that the it is all relevant for you or will work for you. If you choose to work with any Career Coaches, Career Experts or Life After College experts you learn about on any of our affiliated sites, please do your due diligence and research their products and services. Raye Martin Group LLC is not liable for any potential business relationships that may be built with organizations found on our website.